Superman – Volcano

300 years after previously erupting scientists from the Bureau of Meteorology are studying Mt. Monokoa’s alarming new tremors. Back in the city, Lois and Clark are assigned the story and provided press passes and steamship tickets. At the island, Clark finds his pass missing since Lois has hidden it. While she takes a cable car to the crater’s top, Clark tries to get a new pass in the island’s city. At the summit, a scientist tells Lois they’ll use a blast and hope to deflect a lava flow. The volcano begins erupting and a cable car cannot get to the top to rescue Lois. Falling rocks cause damage and break the blast wire. In the city below, Clark changes to Superman and is stunned when he deflects a huge flaming boulder. Lois climbs along the cable to its car, where a revived Superman saves her, and then the cable car. He leaves Lois safely at the harbor and then repairs the blast wire. The blast works and saves the city. Later in the steamship back home, while Lois types her story, Clark finds his missing pass in her purse.

Superman is an classic American catoon based on comic book characters and concepts created in 1938 by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster.

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